Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for SCUBA Dive

SCUBA diving is another activity that I actually set out to do, and couldn't afford.  I mentioned in my hang gliding post that I went on a cruise where I wanted to hang glide.  Well, for the same cruise I was planning on learning how to SCUBA dive so I could go on dives with my best friend and her brothers when we stopped places.  She got certified and was able to dive on our trip, but I couldn't afford the classes, so I did other things instead.  It was still a stellar trip, as one of my alternate activities involved snorkeling with sting rays (not as scary as it sounds!), but I still want to learn how to SCUBA dive.  That way, the next time the two of us go on a cruise, we can finally dive together!

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Dana said...

I'm not a SCUBA diver, but my husband enjoys it. Snorkeling with sting rays sounds amazing!