Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Quilt

When I was a kid, Tammy taught me how to quilt.  Well, she actually taught me how to do a lot of crafty things, but for the purpose of getting though the letter "Q" we'll just talk about quilting.  :)

I loved taking her quilting class, but after finishing it, I never did much quilting after that.  I'd love to try my hand at it again, and see how it goes.  For whatever reason, I feel like I have much more patience for quilting than I do for crocheting...something my mom has tried to teach me a few times.  Maybe I could actually finish a project that I start for once!


DL Hammons said...

Two of the women I work with quilt...a lot...and they're always showing me their work. Its really impressive sometimes! :)

Tammy said...

Ah, thanks for giving me a shout out!
That was a loooooong time ago!

What are you doing on Saturday Sarah? I'm having some folks over to work on some Comfort quilts that will be donated to Project Linus. There will be all skill levels so you will fit right in!

Anonymous said...

I thought quilting might be a dying art but I heard there are a lot of quilt clubs going strong. Long live the quilt!