Saturday, August 4, 2012

PCOS Update

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Back in February I talked about how after 4 useless doctors, 1 semi-helpful doctor and nearly 10 years I finally found a miracle doctor that actually knows what PCOS is and how to effectively treat it.  A couple of weeks ago I had my three month follow up with Miracle Doctor.

In three months time I have lost a total of 21 lbs.  From my heaviest weight about 2 years ago, I was down 31 lbs.  Personally, I was amazed by this as it has actually been super easy, and prior to seeing this doctor it would have taken me well over a year to lose that first 20 lbs.  I felt as though I'd been doing really well with the program.  I take my meds every day when I'm supposed to, and I follow my diet very strictly except when I'm on vacation (doctor's orders...he doesn't believe in trying to diet on reason on a long list of reasons why I love him!).  That being said, I was still nervous to find out what he thought about my progress with our program.

To my great relief, he was just as thrilled with my progress as I was, if not more so.  He says I'm right on track for where he thinks I should be.  I've actually lost more weight than he had estimated I would in the first three months.  He's very impressed with my will power and ability to stick with the diet (I guess most of his patients aren't as ridiculously stubborn as I am!).  In fact, I'm doing well enough that he wants to change our follow ups to every six months rather than every three.  I'll see him again in January, and I fully intend on impressing him once again.

I'm still shocked that I've finally found a doctor who knows how to treat me.  I'm blessed to have found him when I did, because mentally I was in pretty dire straights by that time.  I'd spent years fighting my body's chemistry.  Doing everything I could think of to try and lose the weight that I shouldn't have gained in the first place.  My body image was the most negative it's ever been, and I was so close to just giving up and giving in to it.  I felt like I was never going to find anyone that could help.  It's miserable feeling like you're trapped in your own skin.  When most of the time the way you see yourself in your minds eye is nothing like the way you look in the mirror.  You start avoiding mirrors...especially full length ones...because you're still shocked every time you see that gross heavy person looking back at you.

Things are different now.  I was telling a friend just today that I am finally starting to see the difference in the mirror.  For weeks now I've noticed the difference in my clothes (I had to stop wearing all of my work slacks because they are ridiculously large and look super stupid on me), but it's really just been in the last week or so that I really see the difference when I look in the mirror.  This is the best I've felt about myself in years, and I can't even fathom at this point how I feel when this process is finally done.

For anyone out there that might be in a similar situation, DON'T GIVE UP!  I've always believed that everything happens for a reason.  It took this long, and I had to go through what I went through in order to get to this point and finally find Miracle Doctor.  Keep at it.  It will all work out the way it should in the end.  Hopefully for the better.  If nothing else, take comfort in knowing you aren't alone, and that others have gone through what you're going through right now.

Thanks for listening, and have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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Gerri said...

I am SO proud of you!