Friday, August 10, 2012

My Heart Belongs to San Diego

San Diego is my favorite city (For now anyway.  I have a lot of traveling left to do in life).  I've loved it since I was young, and every time I go back my love grows just a little bit more.  The last time I was in San Diego was nearly 10 years ago when I went on a family vacation before my senior year of high school.  After that I went to college, and money to travel with was non-existent.  After college, I moved to the east coast and all money was spent on trips home to AZ to see my family.

Needless to say, I was long over due for some quality time in my favorite place.  I have had to take a cut in hours this summer while my hotel undergoes some much needed renovations, so I convinced my sister (and by convinced I mean I mentioned it and she was immediately on board) that taking a super short, two day trip was a phenomenal idea.  Our cousin moved to San Diego recently as well, so that was another excuse for us to go.

The trip started out a little rough.  We stopped in Jacumba, California to get gas, and about a mile away from the gas station my sister's truck stopped working.  It completely died, and I had to carefully coast us across the highway (thank goodness there was no traffic!) and into the shoulder.  We got to hang out in the grossly hot desert for two hours while we waited for a tow truck.  Unfortunately, after everything was said and done, we lost about a half a day in San Diego, but it wouldn't be a Clem vacation without some sort of mishap!  We eventually made it to San Diego (a huge thank you to my cousin for rescuing us from the auto shop and being our driver for the remainder of our trip!), and had an amazing time!

Here is a picture recap of our time once we finally got there!

This sushi & Kirin Light tasted SO good after spending 2 hours stranded in the desert!

Our view from our hotel room


There's not much in life that's better than my feet in the sand with a cold beverage and a good book


Sunset at Mission Beach

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Gerri said...

Probably my favorite post yet!! Love the pictures!