Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Was a Rough Month...

There was a lot of stress in October after I came back from vacation. We had some staffing changes in the office that more than doubled my workload. I'm currently spending more time at work than I am at home just about every day.

With all of that stress came a lot of yo-yoing with my weight. I lost, then gained, then lost, then gained. Mostly because I just didn't care. I opted for easy rather than healthy. Lack of funds also makes it difficult to buy things sometimes as well.

That being said...I'm still super stressed out, but trying to get myself back on track. I did lose this past week, so that's good. Only 5 more pounds until I hit the 20 pound mark. That will put me at the weight I thought I was when I went to the doctor and got a wake up call. So hopefully I'll be able to get to that milestone in the next couple of weeks.


Gerri said...

You will get there...I know you will.

Wife, Teacher and Mommy-to-be said...

You can do it Sarah!!